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Prevent Failure In Freelance Projects

Find professionals, embrace proactive workflows and automate the rest. That’s how you work with Venterp, your Hybrid AI Freelance Marketplace.

0 /10

project failures are attributed to poor communications (PMI)

0 %

of freelance projects disputes are not resolved (Freelancers Union)

0 /4

of projects fail to deliver what was promised to customers (PMI)

0 %

of clients do not know the problem they need to solve (McKinsey & Co)

Freeing Freelance Projects From Failure

No More:

Uncertain Agreements

Hidden Costs

Vague Project Plans

Delayed Payments and Deliveries

endless discussions

Last Minute Scope Changes

Needless Interruptions and re-work

Failure Isn’t One Size Fits All. Our Solution Isn’t Either.

Find & Explain Your Needs

We help you find your requirements, explain them effectively and identify the right freelancer profile to help you.

Agree The Proactive Way

We help you agree on the right payment schedule, contract and project plan for each specific inquiry.

Stay Ahead of Each Mistake

Follow our intelligent dashboard designed for generating success by optimising risk-based communications.

Hybrid AI Enables Light-Speed Deliveries

0 /3

reduced project risks

0 x

more project capacity

Streamline Your Deal & Project Lifecycle Proactively

Creativity Begins Where Fear Ends

Frequently Asked Questions

Venterp combines the best of three worlds: freelance marketplaces, task managers and AI. In contrast to popular marketplaces, Venterp’s mission is to prevent project failures and it is designed to balance between safety and speed.

If you are a client hiring freelancers, we ask you for a €50 set-up fee to complete your request. If you are a freelancer, start with 3 credits for free upon sign up. Each project costs 1 credit. If credits are finished you can buy more credits for €5/credit or buy a subscription for €15/month or €150/year. If Venterp introduces you to new clients Venterp takes 20% from the total deal.

Venterp complies with industry standards in privacy and security including GDPR and SOC-2.

Disputes are resolved between our users. In the case of a conflict escalating, you may access all your data with ease and share with your attorney cheaper than usual because all evidence is immediately in your hands.

Success-Based, Flexible Pricing

Purchase one-time use credits that will be required to start a project. You can also earn them by referring a friend. Early birds can also earn 3 credits by signing up today!

Select one of our monthly subscription plans and use the platform with no limitations like inviting users in your projects & executing a project plan

If you automate payments with Stripe we keep a 3% commission that includes Stripe fees.

Looking for clients?

Let us know & we will find ideal clients for your services for a fixed fee of 20% of the total project price. The project in Venterp will be free.

Ideal For Online Digital Projects

Hybrid AI Freelance Marketplace

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