Prevent Employee Conflicts

We help directors prevent conflicts with employees by analysing text with AI for legal risk to reduce legal costs

Backed By Science, Trusted By Users

99.97 %


Cost-wise, LLMs operate at a fraction of the price, offering a staggering 99.97 percent reduction in cost over traditional methods, according to science.

6.9 /10


When comparing risk visualisation on a GUI without risk explanation (value 1) versus a lawyer who fully explains risk (value 10), user trust is 6.9, according to science.

Write Safer With AI Risk Analysis

Add your text, explain your goals or risks & receive an optimized text, including an explanation supporting the changes. 

A structured & objective analysis that allows you to see risk clearly

Sophia Wolkonsky
Founder, Castillia

Discover Gaps & Exploit Weakness

Watch Venterp become your devil’s advocate, by finding opportunities that you can exploit or protect.

It's like ChatGPT for legal text with a focus on minimizing risk

Evgeny Astapov
CTO, Supperconnectors

Hire Experts To Lower Expenses

Whether you want to validate the AI or get tailored
advice, ask for an introduction to a qualified expert.

It’s like having a personal AI assistant for your legal text

Wout Eggink
Investor & Entrepreneur

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